What is meant by metaverse?

Have you ever heard of the concept of reality? The concept of reality is also well known in its time and even included in famous films such as  The Matrix. In the film, a character named Morpheus asks Neo, “What is real? How do you define real?”.  The concept of reality itself seems to have changed since the term  metaverse appear.

Dr. Arief himself explained that  metaverse is a term that is divided into two parts, namely “meta” which means outside/above or beyond, and “verse” which means universe. The two words come from the Greek which were finally translated as “beyond the universe”.

A group of experts named Owen, Park, and Kim have also provided an explanation of what exactly is meant by  metaverse.  They argue that  metaverse  refers to the collection of many elements in a 3D or three-dimensional world. There, humans can appear in avatar form and socialize without any physical disturbances.

How does the metaverse work?

The so-called virtual world  metaverse  will allow you to log in with a self-representation in the form of an avatar. The avatar will represent you for social interaction. Not only talk, but your avatar can also touch items in the virtual world.

Maybe you will wonder, how can we feel something when we are in the virtual world? Of course you will need a device that can transmit these signals. So, let’s say your avatar in the world metaverse  touch a tree. At the same time, in the real world you’re wearing a pair of gloves  haptic. These gloves will send a signal to the brain so you can feel the touch.

As well as requiring adequate tools to support virtual activities, software components are also required. Software it will be useful for creating a scenario and understanding your movements, voice, and language. That way, you can easily communicate with various people who are also connected in this virtual world. Even if it’s virtual, metaverse  formed to resemble the real world in general, for example an atmosphere such as classrooms, housing, and so on.