Qiblat Tour is a company that focuses on providing travel and Umrah business services. Currently, it is facing several difficulties related to customer data, transactions, room allocation, and manifest management. The main problem lies in the inability to efficiently collect, store, and access customer data, hindering the company’s ability to deliver high-quality services. Additionally, the manual processes used in transaction management and room allocation result in errors that can disrupt the customer experience. We need to find a solution promptly to streamline and automate our operations to provide better and more responsive services to our customers.


Qiblat Tour is here to provide guidance and services to the guests of Allah, both in Hajj and Umrah journeys. We equip our guides with adequate knowledge and techniques to become both spiritual guides and the best travel leaders. All our guides have undergone certification in Hajj and Umrah guidance, as well as Tour Leader and Tour Guide certifications.

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