The use of surveillance cameras or CCTV in various public facilities is not a strange thing. Many public places have installed CCTV as part of their security system. An example is a hospital that needs to use the best CCTV package as a form of anticipation if there is a crime or other important event. The hospital is a public facility that is very important for the community. Of course, it is not only the quality of service that must be optimized, but also the security system in the hospital environment that also needs to be considered. Installing CCTV will be the right choice as an effort to complete facilities in a hospital.


         It is clear that the main function of this CCTV is to support the security system. Monitoring the security of the Edelweis hospital environment will be even tighter thanks to the presence of CCTV. Especially in this day and age, crimes can occur at any time, even attacking locations that are supposed to be safe and comfortable, such as hospitals.

         Surveillance cameras or CCTV will not only keep the environment safe from crime. However, this device can also be used to monitor the patient’s condition. Usually CCTV will be installed in patient rooms that require special or intensive care. Later nurses can directly monitor the patient’s condition via CCTV.

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