There are still many people who are not aware of the obligation to pay zakat. This is not something new nowadays, this problem has existed since ancient times. This is also what caused Qarun, the people of Prophet Musa AS. for not paying zakat. However, his wealth is very abundant. Not only that, there are also other problems regarding the payment of zakat. Such as amil status that does not meet the requirements, the amil portion that exceeds the limit.


     Rumah Zakat is a national amil zakat institution owned by the people of Indonesia which manages zakat, infaq, alms, and other humanitarian funds through a series of integrated programs in the fields of education, health, economy, and the environment, to create happiness for people in need. Customer Care Rumah Zakat provides information regarding matters of Zakat, Alms, and regarding Rumah Zakat itself.

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